Charlie Crist hasn’t been tough enough on “Air DeSantis” Martha’s Vineyard flight

Forgive me, but I don’t Charlie Crist has done enough since Ron DeSantis made a 2024 Republican primary presidential decision, to send 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, throwing caution to the wind in winning over moderate voters for their November reelection showdown.

The first thing he did was ask for money. He fundraised off of the controversial flight.

Then he did nothing for almost 24 hours before an interview on CNN.

Meanwhile, other organizations and politicians mobilized rapid responses and press conferences to try and help the migrants. Crist’s primary opponent, Nikki Fried, sent a request for an investigation to the Department of Justice.

Charlie just sort of chilled. He took his foot off the gas.

The last time he took his foot off the gas was in October of 2014, when his campaign ran out of fuel during the last stretch in the fight against Rick Scott.

And then before, this time as a Republican, we saw Charlie not even start the car, in his battle against another promising younger conservative, that people were talking about for a future presidential run. That was Marco Rubio.

Meanwhile, DeSantis just keeps riding this buzz. He’s activating conservative voters in the state. The same ones that he wants to show up for 2024.

And Charlie is making it look like he doesn’t have any cards to play.

He should be leading the charge. Instead, we got Gavin Newsome chiming in all of the way from California and taking the energy for himself.

You would think he was the one challenging DeSantis, and one day he might.

Because Charlie isn’t getting it done right now.

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