Martha’s Vineyard stunt is making Florida forget we have elections coming up

The only thing we’ve been seeing on the news and in the papers, has been the Ron DeSantis chartered flight of 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. It has completely owned the political conversation since it happened last week.

It’s dominating the narrative less than two months before our mid term elections here in Florida.

That’s not normal.

We should be talking about the issues relevant to the voters here in the Sunshine State.

We’re talking about the economy, education, environment, that kind of nonsense.

Instead, we’re talking about this flight. The investigations, the migrants, the reactions. All of it.

And the volume has been turned down on everything else. Charlie Crist showed up late to the controversy and his interview demand is waning.

Its also effecting how we talk about other races.

We’re not talking about Val Demings and Marco Rubio.

Most of the congressional elections in Orlando have been decided, but we’re not hearing anything about Attorney General, state legislature or any local races either.

Instead, we’re focused on the Martha’s Vineyard story.

This is good for the incumbents. Many of them are up in the polls. If we’re not talking about their opponents, they can push their kind of message through another medium, where its also likely that they have fundraising advantage.

But as we look to the other side of the coin, if this entire stunt backfires and DeSantis actually goes down, then it will be one of the goofiest decisions in the history of Florida politics.

Because no one else appears set on remembering anything else heading into November except for this flight

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