Orange County Penny Sales Transportation Tax automates deals like $125 Mil road for Universal

Ask anyone who knows about politics in Orange County, Florida.

“What’s the most financially irresponsible deal you’ve ever seen done over at the county administration building?”

That’s easy.

Giving a billion dollar company like Universal $125 million dollars of your money for their project.” (story HERE).

Hundreds of residents showed up to fight it.

Big tourism bussed in actors to speak in favor of the task.

In the end Orange County Mayor, Jerry Demings gave them their money.

But that robbery was too tough for the special interest. It’s still too hard for big Orlando tourism and real estate to get at your tax dollars.

Enter the Orange County Penny Sales Tax for transportation, being championed by Demings, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, and every chamber lemming and activist sellout you can imagine.

And they’re trying to convince you to automate the entire process. They also want more money. They want $600 million this time and every time. And they want it every year.

They want to do this in the middle of a housing crisis they created. After that theft, they’re coming for more of your money. As our kids live in parking lots and shelters.

How many families could we have helped with $125 million dollars.

Supporters of the Orange County Penny Sales Tax want you to “just go with it”. Let that money be decided on in a much more private committee meeting. They’ll slide it quietly into a budget hearing and you’ll never hear about these terrible deals.

If that sounds nefarious, that’s because it is.

Because passing this tax and getting your money is all that matters to them. These supporters could care less about the problems they gave you.

And we still don’t know where that $125 million has gone.

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