Attacks on Seminole County political campaign offices are numbing the public of extremism in the area

Earlier this week, the Seminole County Democratic party saw their offices vandalized, with hateful comments spray painted on their windows.

This just a couple of weeks after the Seminole County Republican Party saw their offices attacked the same way.

While the accusations of inside jobs continue to fly back and forth between the factions on social media, there is one group of people who seem to not really care at the moment.

Non political news watchers. The regular working-class in Orlando.

Where is the concern? We’re not seeing it here.

Is it possible that we’re becoming numb to these kinds of acts?

Maybe. If they turn out to be inside jobs, the parties only have themselves to blame.

The problem is how we react when the real problems arrived. I’m talking about when these hate groups are demonstrating in our streets.

Nazis at Disney World. We’ve seen it before.

The concerns that we could be indifferent or even disinterested in these actions, could allow them to take hold and possibly grow their numbers, and allow them to be more embedded in the society around us than they already are.

That is the real danger.

It looks like the investigations into these acts are going nowhere. That’s unfortunate but understandable. If they turnout to be inside jobs, then law enforcement in Longwood and Casselberry are just having their time wasted.

But, if it turns out to be real, then we’re falling to sleep. And that’s really dangerous.

Because the groups attacking both of these offices only care about provoking chaos and hatred, and we can’t allow ourselves to become complacent to those actions.

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