Ron DeSantis silence on Puerto Rico could cause him to lose 2020 gains in greater Orlando

As you read these words, Puerto Rico is recovering from Hurricane Fiona. The storm swept over the island, easily toppling their delicate and poorly managed power grid and plunging them into darkness for days and possibly weeks.

In the past, Florida has always been there for Puerto Rico during these difficult times. Its easy to see why. A couple of turns here and there, and it could be Florida who suffers the devastating effects of these forces of nature.

Unfortunately, we haven’t heard from Governor Ron DeSantis on Fiona yet.

And that is unfortunate.

Former Governor Rick Scott was an ally to Puerto Rico. It was almost strange considering how stand-offish he could be with Washington or competitors in Texas, but he was a regular visitor on the island and never wavered on sending help to the island.

It showed. Rick Scott continues to well with Hispanic voters. And in 2020, areas like Kissimmee saw the GOP do better than expected.

We’ve come to learn how Ron DeSantis does business. He’s running in the 2024 GOP primary. His media push after his Martha’s Vineyard stunt still remains in the headlines almost a week later.

The answer could be because Ron DeSantis doesn’t see any 2024 equity in supporting Puerto Rico right now.

That’s unfortunate, because using his platform to help fellow Americans in a location where a huge percentage of our military service members come from should appeal to everyone.

But, it has been a few days and it doesn’t look like that help is coming.

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