In Orlando, women aren’t safe walking after dark anymore

We’ve seen a very disturbing trend popping up in the greater Orlando metropolitan area over the last couple of days.

In Seminole County, law enforecement officials arrested a 19 year old accused of attacking a female jogger during her evening run (story HERE).

Another incident took place in Lake Nona on Tavistock road. That suspect is still at large. (story HERE).

And then there has always been the troubling problems we’ve seen in the Lake Eola area (stories HERE and HERE).

Look at the locations of these attacks. These are pretty good neighborhoods.

Its gotten to the point where women can’t feel safe jogging, walking, or riding a bike after dark anymore. Even on trails and at landmarks.

Of course, Orlando leaders don’t like talking about this. It makes them look like they’re not doing their jobs, and are more focused on pet projects such as raising taxes or bringing air taxis to the area.

But in doing so, they’re ignoring their most important responsibility and that is keeping the public safe.

What are some solutions?

Well, I thought we had trail cameras up. Maybe we need them in more public areas.

More law enforcement for our understaffed departments are always good.

We have the money for those things but Orlando leaders want to give it all to big tourism for billion dollar theme parks (You’ll probably end up paying for it).

Then of course, protecting yourself how ever you see fit.

If someone is attacking you under the cover of darkness, they deserve whatever you’re prepared to give them.

But of course, we need our local leaders to wake up, get past this public relations kick, and acknowledge that not all of our citizens are safe walking the streets when the sun goes down anymore.

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