ESPN: Stephen A. Smith calls for terminations following Miami Dolphins handling of Tua injury

The conversation regarding the frightening injury suffered by Miami Dolphins quarterback, Tua Tagavailoa, in their game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday night, dominated Friday morning sports talk television.

Stephen A. Smith called for terminations on ESPN’s First Take:

“Somebody need to be fired.” Smith began “Now, I don’t know who, but somebody got to go. At the very least, a suspension.”

Tua suffered another hard impact from a sack on Thursday night, and while on the ground appeared to suffer a lapse of mechanical movement and had to be carted on the field.

Many believed he suffered a first concussion on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. Tua did pass concussion protocol after that impact.

Smith even took Dolphins players to task adding “What about you stepping in and saying ‘look bro’, you need to get up out of here. You don’t need to be here right now”.

Tua was discharged and let go from a Cincinnati hospital and flew home with the team last night.

“Everyone in the Miami organization got their hands dirty with this because you saw what happened this past Sunday” he said in closing.

You can watch the spot below…

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