Ghosts: Season 2 kicks off with two-faced first guests

Our favorite living and unliving residents of the Woodstone Mansion are back, with “Ghosts” kicking off a second season after what was a wonderful surprise in its freshman outing.

And Samantha and Jay had their first true guests to kick things off (that first floor incident didn’t count) but unfortunately the elderly couple were brutal Yelp critics, which led to ghosts having to spy in order to sway their opinions.

We also had a substory involving Issac’s boyfriend, Nigel, not appreciating Thor’s company when the two hang out at the mansion. This lead to another cool friendship moment with Issac quoting the Spice Girls to save things and stick up for both of them. This continues to be a kind show.

Ultimately, Jay had to put his foot down against his rude first guests and they actually didn’t know that their Yelp profiles were public and rushed to repair the damage done. by their ultra judgemental ways. That poor Linda and her shrimp shack.

They ended up leaving the Woodstone a 5 Star review.

Quote of the episode:

“I slept on a boat tarp once with several members of ‘Fleetwood Mac. It was remarkably simple clean up.'”

Flower delivering again.

Favorite moment of the episode: The Ghosts watching a special on 90s pop culture.

The show continues to be effortlessly charming. And let’s hope that continues. Can’t wait for next week.

Welcome back Ghosts.

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