Ghosts: Alberta gets a podcast, Hetty discovers a broken washing machine

Our favorite mansion of spirits returned this week, for their second show of their second season. And Ghosts continued filling out the backstories of their funny characters which spans the eras of history.

It was an Alberta-centric episode, with a Hetty arc thrown in for good measure.

And we got a glimpse into our favorite Harlem lounge singer’s past when Samantha decided to jump on to the true crime podcasting craze. (How great would it be to have the victim right there to tell you what happened?) Unfortunately, this meant bringing back Alberta psycho cloning stan, Todd Pearlman. “No Todd, no pod” said Sam’s producer.

Hetty decided to jump on to something too. A broken washing machine. This, after being introduced to the therapeutic effects of the device by Flower.

We would find out that Alberta had a diary that chronicled her rise to stardom only after one of her rivals was caught “bootlegging”. While first considered a liability, the crew convinced Todd of the body shaming she experienced back in the day, and moved in that direction instead.

Unfortunately for Hetty, the washing machine was replaced. But at least she discovered it was okay to experience what that machine’s spin cycle made her experience. And Flower was there to further educate her on such matters.

Danielle Pinnock and Rebecca Wisocky were terrific as always. Lets throw some love at the production crew this week. It was only a few scenes, but that Harlem nightclub looked great. The show remains one of the best looking on TV at the moment.

See you next week!

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