SNL: Brendan Gleeson gets an assist from Colin Farrel, Willow impresses

Saturday Night Live was back with a new episode last night, featuring host Brendan Gleeson and musical guest Willow. If you’re not familiar with Gleeson, he’s made some great films, specifically with Colin Farrel, such as In Bruges (an FTR favorite) and the upcoming Banshees of Inisherin which looks great.

We began with a cold open of “So you think you won’t snap?” where Bowen Yang got various cast members to emotionally snap and harm themselves. If you think that sounds wicked, it also worked.

Gleeson did fine during the monologue with Farrel, his next skit as a CNN reporter who ditches his White House assignment to talk to the “Try Guys” unfortunately missed.

New cast member Molly Kearney stole the show in a spot with the new cast members describing their arrival to SNL. Kearney was tasked with assassinating Vladamir Putin.

No, that is not a typo. Yes, it was funny.

Kearney sounded like a mix of Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon’s Ms. Rafferty.

Chloe Fineman was good as Marilyn Monroe, who had to deal with bad fan mail amidst the controversy over “Blonde” on NetFlix. Gleeson and Farrel were back in a modeling skit that missed with me.

What did land was the Please Don’t Destroy video featuring Gleeson as a sixty something that was pretending to be in High School. The guys from Don’t Destroy remain a bright spot in this new era of the show.

Weekend Update was good this week. It was hard not to crack a smile at a “flawed” Ariel from the new “Little Mermaid”, and Marcello Hernandez was great during his spot talking about Latinos in baseball. Colin Jost and Michael Che also kept the jokes snappy and funny.

Willow was great. I’ve never heard her music before and this is what SNL is all about. I never would have heard about her if it wasn’t for the show.

SNL features Megan Thee Stallion doing double duty next week. Expectations for a fun time will be high. See you then!

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