East New York: Hedge fund murder is a slow build, but offers a solid payoff

East New York was back for its second episode this weekend and Regina Haywood, and her team had to negotiate the politics behind dueling homicides and weighing the importance of each.

On one side we had the murder of a hedge fund manager responsible for billions.

And on the other we had a young boy from the housing projects who wanted to be a magician.

The politics involved required Regina’s shorthanded squad to put justice for the hedge fund manager first.

The episode dragged.

Yeah, it’s a CBS show but it didn’t feel like we got a lot of forward motion. The learning Italian with Captain Yenko didn’t entertain me. Chief Suarez bowing before pressure from the Mayor’s office was irritating. Quinlan looking for clues in her community was a little better, but that’s because of Olivia Lucciardi more than the story.

We did get the scene with Morales taking down a knife wielding suspect. Despite the slow build I thought that was cool.

(BTW. Did she take down that dude too soon? Vote below.)

And the wrap up may have saved the episode.

I thought the confession scene was cool, and despite a slow build the press conference was still satisfying.

East New York still needs a lot of work but the tools are still in place for the show to be interesting and successful. Amanda Warren is still the anchor and was great again this episode. The therapy angle offers some interesting possibilities.

See you next week!

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