Quantum Leap: “The Answer is right in front of you” is best ep of the season so far amidst news of extension

First off, fans of the Quantum Leap mythology were greeted with the good news on Monday, that the show has been extended for 6 episodes. When it comes to NBC, that’s a good sign. While they’ve demonstrated they’re patient with building an audience (Grand Crew), they also won’t hesitate to cancel expensive things that aren’t being watched (The Endgame).

Moving to this week, Ben leaped into Eva Sandoval, an 80s Los Angeles Bounty Hunter and also this chapter’s first gender swap. Her mission was to save Tammy Jean (Sofia Pernas) from a life threatening conspiracy, while attempting to get engaged to her boyfriend (Josh Hartley who is also Pernas’ husband IRL).

Meanwhile, we found out that Janis was trying to use Ziggy to determine what the team was going to do.. in the present day, which is an obvious danger to everybody, and forward plot thinking.

This lead to Magic revealing that Sam Beckett leaped into him in the memorable Vietnam episode. Original fans will remember how important that leap was.

It was also an important part of what has been the best episode of the series so far.

Almost everything worked. It was breezy. Funny. And it felt like the show leveled up. Hartley and Pernas were also good with the latter making sense of what seems like a laughable accent at first.

And we’ll forgive that ripped off line from Aliens regarding guns and “harsh language”.

We also have to mention that ending. For it to land so nicely considering how new the show is, speaks well for the entire experience.

See you next week! It looks like we’re taking a leap way back to the old west.

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