Abbott Elementary: Barbara destroys a toilet with a baseball bat

Our favorite students and staff from Abbott Elementary were back tonight as the show tackled school nutrition, specifically Juice.

After a brutal cold open involving Principal Ava torturing Jacob into a racially uncomfortable discussion, we had Janine crashing the nutrition meeting which involved juice that was healthier for the children.

She was the only one that liked it.

But that wasn’t all. We got the arrival of Ashley Garcia, the new teacher aide for Melissa played by the superb Keyla Monterroso Mejia (coming off of that epic season of Curb Your Enthusiasm) who hijacked her class.

Then we had the toilets break after the juice made the students go to the bathroom more, and Principal Ava surveilled Ashley, only to buy right into her nonsense.

And then Barbara, who opposed the juice initiative, had the other classes invade her bathroom which also broke and put her at odds with Janine.

In the end, Melissa would try to be a little more patient with Ashley (who was hitting it off with everyone else) and Janine would learn a valuable lesson from Barbara. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” even if “Fixing it could make it better”.

And then we got a very cathartic moment when Barbara destroyed the toilet with a baseball bat she took from Melissa, forcing the county to come repair the bathrooms sooner.

Great episode. The second season is moving along nicely. Already can’t wait until next week!

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