The Real Love Boat: “Life is about options” and spelling the name of French cities

Welcome back to The Real Love Boat, where after a couple of weeks, the program still manages to hold my attention, so here we are.

We began this week with the cruise rolling into Marseilles, France, where the ladies would be in charge of the eliminations after the men had the power last week.

Daniel was falling for Shea-Lynn, who he compared to a cloud. That’s a weird compliment but still sweet I suppose. They shared a horribly shot first kiss that made the two look like they didn’t want it happening. Dean and Nicole got closer, even though there is zero chemistry there.

And then we had a huddle with the captain, cruise director, and bartender, who broke down what each couple was experiencing. These guys are likable even if they have absolutely no business advising on romance.

Then there was yoga. Alisa didn’t think Nathan was as open as she was, and not making a move to demonstrate he was interested.

Finally, we had Jerry and Rebecca, the best part of each episode, with O’Connell getting wasted off of the lavender fields where our challenge was taking place.

And this challenge was wild. The couples had to run through the lavender field. Figure out a word puzzle. Get a bar of soap with a coin in the middle and bathe their partner until the coin was found (?). Anyways, none of them knew how to spell Marseilles. I don’t know how to spell it either.

Then when it was time for the baths, Nate, took forever to get undressed.

And I’m not sure what the director was thinking here but then this bath sequence goes through a Baywatch transformation. It was awkward but I’m sure that’s what they wanted here. Yikes.

We finally got to hear from Emily and Marty, who I thought fell off the boat. They’re my favorite couple but they can’t spell and fell behind on the challenge.

Daniel and Shea-Lynn won the challenge after he chewed on the soap and released the coin.

We had Jill Whelan do a guest spot next. I enjoy these cast run-ins. You can never have enough going on with a show like this.

And then Jay showed up to make the elimination ceremony more interesting. All of the sudden the guys were on the ropes. Alisa was interested because Nathan can’t get undressed fast.

Dan and Shea-Lynn tried snails during their captain’s dinner and ended up going to the suite. Good times. They’re also very likable. Nicole and Jay got to know each other which had her second guessing Dean. Nate and Alisa played pickleball, like all couples in crisis do and managed to find some of their chemistry again.

Finally, it was time for the elimination ceremony.

Shea-Lynn picked Daniel as expected.
Kendra picked Jordan.
Emily picked Marty (They could go all the way).
Nicole picked Dean.
And Alisa picked…chose Nathan. And lovers of romance and pickleball cheered everywhere.

It looked like Alisa immediately regretted her decision when Nathan said he wanted to cry.

And Jay, who got there 4 minutes ago, was castaway in the same country he was picked up in.

“I feel like we’re making some real emotional strides here” said Jerry.

Me too, Jerry… Me too..

See you next week in Rome.

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