Fire Country: “Attack of the weed guys of Maynor Mountain”

Our favorite firefighters (unless you prefer Station 19 or Chicago Fire) and cons (unless you prefer, Nicolas Cage), were back this week with the third episode of Fire Country.

Great news for early fans of the show. It just got an order for the remainder of the season. And if its able to do this on the Friday night TV desert, then this bodes (lol) well for the future of the program.

And we began this week with Bode having night terrors over the crash involving his deceased sister, Riley because of Jake. Manny tried to help him but Bode replieed “I signed up for fire camp. Not therapy.”

Actually, he was in jail. He didn’t really sign up for anything.

Meanwhile, Gabriella and Jake were quizzing each other in bed over fire fighting. Awful scene. And it might irk fans that already want to see Jake pay for his terrible behavior.

And it told me that I don’t like Gabriella and Bode together. They’re going to have to find someone else for him.

Vince and Sharon, the two most likeable characters on the show, tried to keep the world turning after the latter’s terminal diagnosis. But they had a disagreement regarding their son’s fire camp attendance. The talk went south and split them further apart.

Then it was vegetation fire time, and Jake told Vince about his Bode problem but he didn’t tell him about Riley. “You became more of a son to me than he was.” Vince told him.

Never mind, Vince isn’t likeable anymore.

Suddenly, a dude with a duffel bag full of weed ran out of the blaze actually set on flames. They put him out to discover someone else was still there.

Sharon went to visit Bode, where they were unsure over how Vince would react if his son went down.

Vince and Jake found the second guy on weed mountain, who fell into a bear trap and impaled his leg. Bode told Vince that the weed kingpin who runs the mountain, Mojave, wouldn’t want fire fighters on his mountain. Sure enough, the weed guys found Jake and Vince and held them at gun point.

“Kids don’t dress up as me” said the weed kingpin to the firefighters, who wanted to cut a deal. With her husband already at gunpoint, Sharon tried to pull her son from the fire. But Bodie convinced Manny to take him up.

Then Sharon went to Top Gun fire camp and took Eve and Gabriella to the scene. This, while Bode reached Mojave and they hit it off, allowing them to get the second weed man out of the bear trap. The chainsaw cut was pretty neat.

While I’ve deservingly been goofing on the show, the crew escaped the scene from a van that was on fire. That was a cool visual. Mojave was arrested but it’s likely he’ll be joining the Con Air firefighters soon.

The wrap up teased a visit to Bode from Sharon, but it was Vince who explained to him why he gave him the cold shoulder. Bodie then confessed to his dad that Jake cheated on Riley but the two remained at odds.

Fire Country continues to be good “bad” TV. I’m never bored. Jake is a good villain and there is enough world building here to remain invested.

See you next week.

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