Quantum Leap: San Fran 89′ World Series Quake and “Leaper X”

Quantum Leap was back again this week, and we got a leap that many of us may have been alive for. This is one of the neat aspect of fans of the original show. We get to see events we actually remember, portrayed on screen.

This week it was the San Francisco Earthquake of 1989 that occurred during the World Series. I was actually watching the pre game for that A’s vs. Giants game when the quake happened. I’ll never forget it.

Back in the lab, the team tried to figure out the identity of “Leaper X” who threatened Ben. They could be anyone coming from anywhere, even inside their own lab.

Ben actually leaped into John Harvey, a man who’s son he was trying to save during the disaster, but started asking questions about his own family. Mostly, his mom which prompted him to start asking more questions about his past to Addison.

In the present, we discovered that Richard Martinez, a Marine from down the street was our first Leaper X suspect. When he was approached, he said he didn’t appear to know anything that was going on about the project.

Back in 89, Ben was saving a family from a wrecked car but Naomi, Harvey’s wife got hurt and had to be resuscitated. Neat use of effects there for first aid. Ben also started having some emotional trauma with memories of his mother dying after they got in a fight.

Ben was able to find his son and entered a crumbling building against Addison’s advice only to get knocked out. Jason would enter the building to help Ben/Harvey and escape the building in time but we didn’t get a leap at first. He was only allowed to move on after a heart to heart with Jason to make peace with himself. And he tried to call his mom who was alive in 89′ but was only able to get out a word before leaving.

Back in the present, the team believes that Ben may have been trying to jump into the future.

We then got the set up for next week’s Halloween episode, which involves Ben leaping into a priest for an exorcism, which should be a lot of fun.

See you then!

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