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Happy Halloween, Leapers! And Quantum Leap was back with a holiday exorcism episode, with Ben playing Father James Davenport who had to help the “afflicted” Daisy Grey who died during the process in the original history.

Ben didn’t think this mess was real. But the demon didn’t hesitate in revealing itself and the team didn’t rule out supernatural intervention before Addison found herself locked out of this leap for unknown reasons.

The doctor finally arrived on the scene with a sedative (for Daisy not Ben, in a solid laugh) but also wanted to perform a lobotomy.

After some background with the family, we heard a scream from Daisy’s bedroom and found Aunt Tessa dead. And all of the sudden, the doctor was a believer.

Then things went to hell (sorry). Ben started seeing visions of people bleeding from their eyes and the walls folding in. He then decided he was actually going to have to perform the exorcism.

And the demon jumped right into him.

Ben started having visions and it was there where he figured out that someone in the family was poisoning everyone to get some money. There was no demon. It turned out to be Mr. Percy and Ben, Daisy, and the nurse, decided to set a trap for him. They staged Daisy’s death and it also revealed that Lola was also involved in the devious plan.

Right before Ben leaped, we saw Janis who appeared to be trying to warn Ben of something. When Ben made the jump, he was thrown into the body of another guy named Ben (don’t think he leaped into himself but can’t be sure), who was escaping the “Sierra Youth Academy” and the episode played off to Song 2 by Blur.

While the Halloween episode was fun, you can’t help but think it was a filler episode. We got no main story progression this week. That’s fine but let’s hope we get back on track next week.

See you then!

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