FS1 Undisputed: Skip and Shannon ponder whether Tony Pollard should be RB1 for Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys could be on to something this year, in a division that has transformed from the “NFC Least” to the “NFC Beast”, with Jerry Jones’ team sporting a 6-2 record with the playoffs on their mind.

Could a change at running back make the team even better?

That’s what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe were discussing on Thursday morning on Undisputed on FS1. More specifically if Tony Pollard should be starting instead of Ezekiel Elliott.

The main question was over Pollard’s durability to handle Elliott’s workload.

“There is a reason baseball has the DH. To hit homeruns” said Sharpe and continued “I like the two back system, its working really well for them and down the stretch you’re going to need both of these guys.”

Bayless, arguably the biggest Cowboys fan in mainstream media would say “You could add a Pro Bowl player on offense if you just elevate Tony Pollard to RB 1. If you just flip the roles, he’s got a significant chance at making a Pro Bowl”.

You can watch the segment below…

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