Alaska Daily: A ferret named Harry Potter

We’re back this week with another episode of Alaska Daily, with Claire bringing a ferret, Harry Potter, to the office. Also, the Secretary of Defense was going to be in the area, you’ll recall this kind of conflict landed Eileen in Alaska to begin with.

Then in a truly detestable scene, Eileen tried to bully Austin off of the story. And she dissed the ferret. Why is this character leading a prime time drama?

Instead, Eileen and Roz went to track down a subject named Ezra Fisher on their big case. The Secretary of Defense wanted to make sure Eileen wasn’t at the event. And Harry Potter escaped, almost exclusively as a device to suck up time.

Roz confronted Fisher. And once again the poor writing made this whole scene sound like a bad Law and Order episode. Reporters keep sounding like cops on this show.

And Eileen went to see the Secretary anyways. Just a lousy news partner. And after saying she wouldn’t “big foot” Austin, she did just that. The show also doesn’t know that speeches like this involve a separate media availability. Just dumb.

Even Austin and Park disputed it. But Eileen faced the Secretary and he trolled her. Swank’s monologue was preachy and laughably scored.

But a tip about a downed American pilot paid off for the team implicating, a cover up by the military. Roz then got a call about Adam Barnett the Assistant District Attorney, who was using his power to just extort sex from victims.

Then Roz confronted this guy. Alone. And then once again used publication as a threat.

And Eileen making her goal to take down the secretary instead of accurately reporting the news is junk. But at least her publisher approved. And then the two kissed, throwing all of this preaching about ethics right out the window as the show ended.

Lousy episode. But I guess ABC is too far invested to change anything now. It remains a crime that they’ve got Swank wasting away here.

Anyhow, see you next time I guess.

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