Lopez vs. Lopez: “You look like somebody that wouldn’t get a rose on the Bachelorette”

It’s good to have George Lopez back on our television. The George Lopez show was criminally underrated 00s TV, and I was looking forward to seeing his return in “Lopez vs. Lopez” with his daughter, , Mayan.

And it’s Mayan, who starts the show with a Tik Tok explaining how bad of a father her dad is, and “Low Rider” from the first show kicks everything off in a fun throwback moment.

We also learn more about Mayan, who is a vet tech, and her family who is at the wrong end of her dad’s jokes. The majority of the pilot is the family struggling with George’s annoying live-in tactics.

The best part of the show is the bullet point of the title of the show. George vs. Mayan. Those two work.

But what worries me about Lopez vs. Lopez is that the show is still produced like it’s 2000. The laugh track is outdated. The supporting characters are like bots or NPCs in a bad video game. After George and Mayan, I actually enjoyed the animals (Mayan’s patients) the most.

The pilot does have a sweet end. And I’m recommending that if you enjoyed Lopez’s humor in the past, then you should check out Lopez vs Lopez.

See you next week.

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