Quantum Leap: “Wannabe” is the next “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Quantum Leap was back again this week, and one part I enjoy about this latest rendition is that we get leaps that occured after the show originally went off the air, such as this week where we leaped to 1996.

Ben playing one of four Nevada private school runaways, was obviously a money saver episode, heavy on clever but inexpensive shots. We also had some drama back at HQ with Janis locking the team out. There was also an unneeded substory about abusive fathers.

The discovery of the cabin was unnecessarily cheesy but it did advance the story.

My first thought was “Stand By Me” but I thought it was a little condescending to the show. But then I saw the title “Stand By Ben” and maybe that’s what they wanted. The “I’m Just a Girl” and “Don’t Speak” interlude with No Doubt was fun (Tragic Kingdom is still an ace record) but also a little heavy on the cheese.

The conclusion was good. It would have felt weird to just leave that abusive school without doing anything.

And after last week where we didn’t get much story progression, we got a little more this week with Ben remembering that he leapt to save Addison and Janis actually helped him. She could have just said that instead of doing all of this other stuff.

“Quantum Leap” continues to be a mostly enjoyable affair. It is missing that sentimentality of the first outing. But that feels more like a sign of the times than the work of this cast.

If only we could leap back in time to when we weren’t numbed with a constant reboots and revisionings that obstructs this show.

And now, we’re on almost a two month break. No Quantum Leap until next year with our season continuing on January 2nd according to the preview. This badly hurts the show (more on this later).

But it’s a good journey. See you next leap!

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