Alaska Daily: If you like this show, you’d better speak up after bizarre scheduling

If you look at your TV listings tonight in the ABC row, you’ll notice something that you haven’t noticed in a few weeks.

Alaska Daily isn’t on it.

Instead, ABC will be airing an episode of “Reasonable Doubt”, the Kerry Washington produced Hulu show, following new episodes of Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy.

Now, Alaska Daily is supposed to be back next week, but pulling the show on a night where you’re giving it these awesome lead-ins doesn’t inspire much confident into it’s future.

Why didn’t they just run the new episode tonight and air Reasonable Doubt next week? Its a fair question.

And then there is the concern over the ratings the show is pulling in, with a .17 rating in the demo last week. A 34% plunge from the previous week. Alaska Daily was the lowest watched show of the night that doesn’t air on the CW. Yikes.

Whether this was a planned schedule swap or not, this looks like a reactionary panic move.

So, if you’re a fan of the show, what do you do?

Make some noise, really. Go on social media and tweet at ABC. Tell your friends about it. Do something.

Even if the show is fine with the network, the noise could possibly sway it into an even better position for future scheduling.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you now I’m a pretty harsh critic of the show. I don’t care for the way it makes reporters sound like cops. Eileen Fitzgerald is a lousy protagonist.

But I’m just one voice. And I’m am a Hilary Swank fan. Most of this stuff can be fixed.

It just needs to be given the chance.

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