Ghosts: “Hamilton was a bit of a nose picker”

And..Our cold open kicked off watching Flower’s death this week. While definitely dark, it was also sadly funny (does that make sense?). And Sass, Thor, and Alberta were all there to see it.

As we picked up speed, Sam was writing Issac’s memoirs and was interuppted by a docuseries crew for “Dumb Deaths” and they wanted to cover Flower’s unfortunate accident. The B&B needed the money so they did it. The crew would later pivot Pete’s story of getting shot in the neck with an arrow.

They also made him a drunk. This obviously made him upset.

Then Issac and Nigel decided to argue about the revolution. Ian suggested changing the subject whenever the issue came up. But that didn’t work.

Back to the docuseries, when they brought in a member of Pete’s troop to set the story straight, she pushed them away from the drunk angle but brought up another memory of him handing out the arrows before he taught the safety lesson. Sam tried to call it off but it didn’t work. Then Thor tried to fry the camera but that didn’t work either.

Then this happened. Follow me here.

A crew member walked through flower and got high.

And shot Jay in the but with an arrow as he tried to get some free food from catering.

And in a scene that had no business being sweet, Pete’s old trooper remembered her first aid training and helped Jay.

All of this lead to the doc being changed to Flower’s story, who was played by Sam in a funny twist. And Nigel and Issac managed to find some middle ground and remained happy.

What a fun episode. I’ll see you guys next week!

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