The White Lotus: That missed phone call

We’re back for another week at The White Lotus in Italy.

And we’re kicking off with Valentina. Is she mean? I think she’s funny. Maybe my favorite character this season.

One person who says she’s not going to be mean is Harper, who was ready to fool around with Ethan after his run but was basically ignored. Then there is Dom and the hookers which cost him $3K according to their count. And Burt was also there to say good morning to them.

At breakfast, “nice” Harper is freaking me out, but we’re also getting more Albie and Portia (who I think will be the hero this season post HERE) and of course she starts getting nervous, not to be outdone by her boss ,Tanya, who is crying at Greg who has to leave.

Anyways, Daphne and Harper decided to go on a field trip leaving Ethan and Cameron behind. And it turned out to be an overnighter at this old building.

With Greg gone, Tanya hired a tarot card reader to try and preserve her sanity and it went terrible with her reading implying that Greg was cheating on her. Tanya ultimately kicked the reader out of the room, but not before exiling Portia to the bathroom.

In Noto, Daphne and Harper took an edible while dodging horny dudes, while Ethan and Cameron played chicken on jet skis back at the resort.

Before we knew it, dinner was upon us and Dom called it off with the prostitutes, and that opened the door for Ethan and Cameron who took some Molly with them and were off. But their wives were flying too from their lunch party favors, while discussing if their husbands would ever cheat on them.

Then Albie kissed Portia by the pool, but she wasn’t feeling it because she was staring down another guy in the pool, in what was a terribly awkward scene.

The evening continued to meltdown as Cameron and the girls started partying like crazy and Ethan started feeling conflicted and high, and came really close to cheating with Mia.. But sent her away. Unfortunately, he ignored Harper’s phone call ending the episode with her having doubts about her husband’s fidelity.

This episode was fine. We’re getting a build up, and I’m clueless as to where we’re going.

And that’s what The White Lotus is all about.

See you next week!

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