Mighty Ducks Game Changers: A “Dinner Under The Stars” meltdown

And we’re back with a new Game Changers, and starting with breakfast awkwardness, after that kiss between Alex and Coach Cole that no one really saw coming.

Except Marnie. Who read it right away. And wanted to arrange a date.
She also told the other coaches.

Then we did team photos and Evan appeared to earn the respect of the Dominate team…But the Ducks were having more fun.

The Ducks also started winning. (And we got more Rich Eisen!) While Chase still couldn’t hit his shot, Sophie scored with the knucklepuck.

Real fast. That was an enjoyable, very traditional, Mighty Ducks montage. Pretty cool.

But trying to feel something for Evan after he ditched the Ducks was a little more difficult. But then Alex and Cole started discussing a trade.

And everyone hated it. We had some ugly arguments.

Then it was time for “Dinner Under The Stars” date and Alex wanted to cancel the trade. But Coach Cole wanted to move forward. And everything melted down.

The show ended with both Dominate and The Mighty Ducks pledging victory. Great episode.

Now Emilio Estevez will always be the “Duckfather” and Lauren Graham has been spectacular in taking over. But I’m seeing some great development from Josh Duhamel. Something to think about if we get season 3.

I’ll see you next week!

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