Orlando Magic: Bad play is leading Paolo Banchero to make same “business decision” as other players

Orlando Magic star rookie, Paolo Banchero, is missing tonight’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. His fourth in a row due to an ankle/foot injury.

As the team struggles with a 4-10 (possibly 4-11) record, one has to wonder if Banchero has made the same “business decision” other young players on this roster have made.

The decision that this team. This organization. Isn’t worth it.

You’ve seen this trend more times than you can count over the last five years.
Young star gets drafted by Orlando.
Young star gets hurt.
Young star still gets paid in Orlando.
Orlando keeps losing until young star can find a way out to a contender, or repeat as necessary.

Our first instinct may be to get angry at the player. But that doesn’t last long.

It only lasts until we realize this front office is among the worst in professional sports. We reward losing in the 407. Everyone gets a participation trophy and millions of dollars.

Get rich off of doing a poor job? Good work if you can get it.

The hope is that Paolo Banchero can rise above this nasty trend. That his Duke, Coach K, tough playing, championship philosophy will take over. That would be awesome.

It also helps that the whole league understands that Banchero can be special. If he’s in the right environment.

There is the problem at hand. Because Orlando continues to reward this poorly ran franchise, they don’t believe Banchero belongs here.

And if Banchero hears it enough, he’ll start to believe it.

That would be an Orlando Magic tragedy. One that has become all to regular over the years.

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