The Real Love Boat: “How Bizarre”

We’re back on The Real Love Boat, and I still can’t figure out why CBS pulled this show. This week we’re in Istanbul, Turkey, where a nasty twist puts actual couples in charge of who gets eliminated.

It started with Jordan and Kendra. Really, I thought this couple would last five minutes but they appear to be one of the stronger couples on the show. Dustin and Sydney, both relatively new, also prepared for their first challenge together. And we saw Marty and Emily experience some separation. Especially with him wearing those socks from 1991. Nathan and Tyler were cute, and it was awesome hearing Tyler talk about joining the Army.

Then it was our favorite time, Jerry and Rebecca time, with Jerry winning with that shirt (whatever it was) and the details of the challenge were explained. We were in the Grand Bizarre where the couples had to find a particular lamp, then put together a puzzle ring, and then the girls had to pour a cup of coffee for the guys (with a bunch of salt). The segment was wonderfully cut but there was a lot of jumping around, which made the narrative hard to nail down.

Daniel and Shea Lynn finished first.
Marty and Emily finished second.
Sydney and Dustin finished third.

Leaving Kendra and Jordan and Nathan and Tyler up for elimination. Dan and Shea would be making the decision over who would go home.

Despite being on the chopping block, Kendra and Jordan, were still bonding. At the Captain’s Table, Dan and Shea discussed the future outside of the Real Love Boat. They also discussed who they should cut and Daniel was thinking about eliminating the biggest competition.

Ezra and Matt agreed.

Then out of nowhere Tyler revealed that she cheated on her husband. Damn. And sticking with Tyler, Shea identified her and Nate as a threat.

A real quick side note. I would eliminate the Tim Tebow clone and the soldier, who were doing push ups before running around for a challenge as well. That’s a threat.

It was time for a very different Sail Away ceremony where both of the endangered couples got to plead their case. Then to twist the knife further, Dan and Shea had to discuss who they would cut.

And they eliminated Nathan and Tyler. The tearful goodbyes worked. Some good suspense and drama here. Excellent reality television.

Next week, we’re heading to Athens and it should be a fun time with new lovers in togas and bungie jumping.

See you then!

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