Cheers to Orange Commission for continuing Fair Rent fight against greedy real estate industry

The reason I’m not at home with you guys right now is because of the exploitation of the market by big Orlando Real Estate. They sold all of our inventory to out of town investors, and have price gouged apartments out of reach of working families.

But at least some of our elected leaders have decided to continue the fight.

The Orange County Commission voted to continue fighting in the courts for a rent stabilization ordinance that would allow families to have a chance to live in the community many of them grew up (including myself).

One of the “yes” votes included Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings, who laughed at me from the dais when I was advocating for fair rent earlier this year. His policies, along with Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer have protected big real estate and have hurt those who are working 50+ hours a week to pay the rent. I’m happy he is trying to at least make things right here.

Orlando Real Estate hasn’t changed though. They’re still trying to squeeze as much taxpayer dollars out of us as possible, including making us pay the attorney fees for their greed. They might be the worst people in our community.

To close, let’s be realistic. This is still an uphill battle.

But we haven’t stopped fighting. This is because we’re fighting for survival. For the very roofs over our heads. I’m happy that most of the commission understands this.

For some families, fair rent in Orlando can mean the difference between ultimately succeeding or failing in trying to create a prosperous future for their children.

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