Arkansas bill expanding definition of veterans dependents for scholarships is necessary

We’ve come a long way in expanding the scope of use for scholarships earned by veterans. Especially when it comes to survivors of the veterans such as dependents. It is still however a “living” process.

That’s why we occasionally have to amend the existing policies with legislation. In the case we’re talking about today, we’re specifically talking about Arkansas veterans.

SB 3, filed by State Senator Jane English of Little Rock, would include step children who may not have been formally adopted by the veterans but are still dependents (story HERE).

This is a good bill, that further improves the chances that these benefits can be used to improve the quality of life of our brothers and sisters and their families.

I support the passage of SB 3 in Arkanasas. This legislation will ensure that every loved family member of a veteran gets the opportunity to create a life they can all be proud of.

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