What I’m grateful for, even though I’m not in Orlando for Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving post is a couple of different things.

It is a list of things I’m thankful for about my hometown. I can’t be in Orlando for Thanksgiving because the rent has priced me out, and things are only getting worse.

Its also a list of reasons to motivate me to get back.

It’s also hopefully a list of reasons why you should be happy to be home for the holidays this year. If you happen to be feeling down, maybe we could lift each other up.

Here we go.

I’m thankful for arriving at a gate for a flight to Orlando, and realizing the crowd just feels like my neighbors.

I’m thankful for walks down Orange Avenue on a football Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

I’m thankful for the combination of swans, dogs, and happy neighbors at Lake Eola. I’m thankful for the ducks in Baldwin Park.

I’m thankful for pick up ball hockey and soccer games in Audubon Park and Windermere.

I’m thankful for the Army recruiter in Altamonte Springs, where my life changed forever.

I’m thankful for a proud Hispanic community on the east side and in Osceola County. And for the diversity in our community which comes together in the face of any crisis.

I’m thankful for a hometown newspaper I’ve been reading since I was 8 in the Orlando Sentinel. Great television and radio stations like News 13, FOX 35, and WMFE, and that I’ve made some great friends there.

I’m thankful for Orlando politics. Where we play at the highest levels of campaigning and policy on all levels. My hardest campaigning work have been home games.

I’m thankful for Fireworks at the Fountain, and the orange/shamrock drop on New Year’s Eve.

I’m thankful for the childhood I had in the Lockhart community.

I’m thankful for the teachers in our schools and for the nurses in our hospitals.

I’m thankful for you. And especially so if we know each other in real life. My friends will always be my strength, wherever I go.

Finally, I’m still thankful for everyday. I’m not home, but I won’t stop trying to get back. And when I’m feeling discouraged I’ll come back and read this post.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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