Casey Anthony: “Where the Truth Lies” is a necessary epilogue for Orlando centered controversy

Whether we want to admit it or not, the Casey Anthony trial and the Orlando community will always be connected. For months, Orange Avenue was invaded by a national media who set up a compound across the street from the Orange County Courthouse in the heart of where we live.

And when the verdict was read, there was a flood of protests and her release from jail was covered like the escape of a fugitive, with SUVs ducking in and out of downtown parking garages as helicopters followed.

The backlash from the trial affected political elections, and the careers of media and legal professionals (including mind). It still does.

Ten years after those events, we finally get Casey Anthony talking about those events and presenting her side of the story.

“Where the Truth Lies” is undeniably Orlando. We get archived news coverage from many of the people I’ve worked with and that are still on the air today. We get footage of everything from Universal Studios to the east side where the Anthony family lives. You’ll recognize almost everything.

That was the main point of watching the doc for me. I’ve had encounters with almost all of these people. But if you weren’t in the community in the time, you may be viewing the documentary simply to hear from Casey Anthony for the first time. She does talk. A lot.

Is what she’s saying something new? Did I believe her? I’ll answer those questions one at a time.

Casey doesn’t say anything “new”. She continues to blame her father, George Anthony, for a lot, including abuse when she was younger. He is the clear villain here. Many of these facts were brought out during the trial. Hearing Casey explain that does add a little more definition to a picture that has always been fuzzy. But you’ll still have questions when everything is finished.

It is still really hard to believe everything she is saying.

Whether she’s been over coached or is simply numb from the many years that have passed since the trial, I can’t track everything she’s saying. Do I believe there is some of what she’s telling me? Yes. Do I believe she misses Caylee? I do.

Is it all true? No. I don’t think so.

That does lead to some reaggravation.

But we’ve never really heard Casey actually speak. If you want a true understanding of the most infamous trial to take place in Orlando, then you should probably look at it.

Just know, you still won’t get the truth. We probably never will.

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