The Mighty Ducks Game Changers: S2 finale wins and is a service franchise end, if it has to be

Can you believe that we’ve already reached the season 2 finale of The Mighty Ducks Game Changers? I know I can’t. But it’s been a good season and the finale served us well as an always possible end to the mythology.

It was time for the EPIC finals, with the Ducks taking on the Canadian team coached by season 1 villain, Coach T, who was exiled after his meltdown last year. And would you believe that Colin stepped aside to be a dad and let Alex coach the game.

Before we dropped the puck, Nick announced he couldn’t play because of a sprained ankle. The team was bummed but not beaten because Nick is better off in the broadcast booth, and they put him there with the real season’s MVP, Rich Eisen.

The Ducks got off to a fast start with Chase quickly scoring a couple of times and impressing the scouts. This bummed out Evan, who always had the dreams of getting to the next level. We were optimistic heading into the locker room but the scouts emotionally shook Chase, which lead to his “yips” returning and the Canadians taking the league (including a score with a Flying V, which was pretty harsh).

But in true Mighty Ducks fashion, Evan and the rest of the team got Chase over his fear of leaving everything behind because of his successful play and got the Ducks back in the game. The contest came down to a penalty shot, which let Chase let Evan take and with a “Bombay-esque” triple deke, the Ducks would win the game and take the trophy.

During the mop up, Evan was actually approached by a small school in Wisconsin. And Alex made Colin a friendship bracelet, which led to a kiss, capping a romance that was sweeter than it had any business being.

The season ended with our Ducks driving away in the RV with the future wide open in front of them. Good stuff.

Is this the last of Game Changers? We don’t know. It could very well be the end of the thirty year franchise. I love the Mighty Ducks story. If this is the end, I could deal with it.

And whether it’s Coach Alex, Colin, or even Gordon coming back to continue our game, I’ll be there.

Great season. Quack, quack.

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