Fire Country: “I would rather my valuables not be handled by criminals”

Annnd we’re back with a new Fire Country this week. We began with Charlie, some dude I don’t remember ever meeting, luring Bode into an explosion after thinking he saw a person.

When Bode comes to, he gets to reconnect with Rebecca, the con from the women’s group who is a lawyer, and the group gets accused of stealing a watch from a perfectly casted snob named Kate (Julianne Christie).

Rebecca is a better fit for Bode than Gabriela. I’ve said that a couple of times. She might also get a better interest rate on a car loan, because Gabriela is getting credit problems because Manny can’t pay his bills.

We then meet Jake’s mom. A further hero turn for what could have been a great TV antagonist. We did get a cool finish to the cold open with Gabs and Jake stumbling across a brewery/warehouse of passed out workers.

Then the cops showed up to look for a missing watch. Bode tried to rally the cons and encourage them to stay together. This preceded a painfully cheesy scene with the cops and Bode talking up Rebecca.

This while Sharon had dinner with Jake’s mom, Lily.

Anyways, Lily gave Sharon some weed. Then they decided to get involved on the stolen watch business. High Diane Farr is adorable. Despite that, Kate didn’t accept their offer to buy a new watch to save her son.

Vince suspected that the passed out brewery workers were being subjected to carbon monoxide and more people started passing out. Then some dude Vince coached little league with wandered off and Gabs and Jake had to get him back. When they did get him back they determined someone else was still inside the building. The duo found someone squatting in the building but Jake ran out of oxygen (that California public safety budget man), They would have to share a tank of air to make it out alive. And Wes ended up dying anyways.

Back at camp, Bode decided to “jump on the grenade” but he also recognized that Manny was acting weird, which tied into his credit problems. But then Kate showed up at the camp and announced that the watch had been found.

Good curve there.

And Manny gave Bode some art course credits to help him get out of jail. But he wasn’t clean. He has a gambling problem. Or maybe he doesn’t. He won $10K at the blackjack table.

And Rebecca and Bode hooked up.

Can I take a second?

Only in Hollywood can this cat live a better life in prison than most dudes with their freedom in real life. TV, man.

Anyways. Decent show. I’ve stood up a poll. Who is the better match for Bode? Vote below.

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