Young Rock: Playing WrestleFest in a Chi-Chis

After a Thanksgiving break, Young Rock is back, with Dwayne and Randall in a country closed captioning can’t even spell, to meet with Prime Minister Honig to solve the world’s coffee crisis.

And oh my god, DJ talked about Wrestle Fest. I love this game. He used the arcade classic as a springboard for his latest flashback (even though the timelines were nowhere close to matching). Teenaged Dewey had a problem with how much Rocky was partying and tailed him to a Chi-Chis Mexican restaurant (which I also enjoyed back in the day, less proudly) and Rocky was actually working there to pay the bills. The manager insisted that he get locked in for the night and that condition carried over to the night Dewey followed him.

The two then traded confessions over why Dewey shoplifted and Rocky left WWE. And wouldn’t you know it? That kitchen scene made me hungry. And did you know that if you fry bacon in the same fryer as french fries, the potatoes taste like bacon?

We got some great acting here. Especially when it was time to talk about how Dewey felt watching his dad struggle. This is stuff real families go through.

And Dewey was wrong. That painting was dope.

Rocky also inherited a “referral fee” that was a windfall for the family, and Dwayne credits that night in the restaurant with making things better with his dad.

While “Young Rock” always focuses on Dewey and family, this would have been a great Father’s Day episode. I enjoyed it very much.

And watching Randall Park beat Dwayne Johnson in WrestleFest using Mr. Perfect was also a fun way to end the show.

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