Saturday Night Live: Keke Palmer pulls comedy victory from the jaws of cringey defeat

Can I be honest with you? I don’t think there is another actor out there who would have been able to make a winner out of last night’s Saturday Night Live besides Keke Palmer. She 100% committed to every single skit she was in, with an unflinching determination to make us laugh and for the most part, succeeded.

The cold open was actually the low point of the show with a hopeless Herschel Walker displaying his policy ignorance. It wasn’t funny because SNL has already goofed on Walker before we went on break and this was a lot of the same.

Palmer made headlines instantly announcing that she was pregnant during the charming monologue. The Forceington Ridge spot with Cicily Strong was a solid start. The Big Boys video was just okay. And the Drake tort lawsuit of women who have been ruined by mentions in his songs was much better.

The Hello Kitty spot took advantage of Palmer and Bowen Yang’s high energy. And the Keenan and Kelly throwback was a lot of fun with Kel Mitchell making an appearance and bringing some laughs with him.

Weekend Update continued their best seasons of the modern era. Jost and Che delivered some sharp jokes including another dig at Orlando, with a Gatorland mention during their pitch to make Florida the first state to hold a presidential primary.

Sarah Sherman deserves some credit here. Her Trish Dale Peppa Pig skit was both hilarious and anxiety inducing at the same time. Her glitchy arms was a nice extra touch to one of the best parts of the show.

SZA was great. Her voice was built for Saturday Night Live. I enjoyed her first appearance on the show and this one was just as good. Lets bring her back again soon.

Palmer continued her great work with her own impressive singing voice in a choir skit. And while the sonogram spot got some groans online, I certainly wasn’t bored. She was also great with Ego Nwodim on the Hawaiian flight.

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