The White Lotus: Harper is purposely driving Ethan to hate Cameron

Harper is the most intelligent person checked into the White Lotus right now. While she can’t be absolutely sure that Ethan was faithful to her when she went to Noto with Cameron (even though we do), she does know that her husband, like most men, can become illogical and irrational when they think the woman they love is cheating on them.

And she’s using that to her advantage.

When she understands that Ethan doesn’t believe that she doesn’t believe him regarding his drug and alcohol fueled binge (did you get all that?), she immediately uses it to her advantage. And plays him all the way to the edge of his sanity.

She wears that insane black bikini to the beach. Because it will bug Ethan and Cameron has already flirted with her.
She goes to the bar to have a drink with Cameron. Because she knows that Ethan will flag that decision as suspicious.
She goes to the room while her husband is swimming. Because she knows that it will throw Ethan into a panic.

And Harper probably knows that Ethan’s imagination will get the better of him. And that’s exactly what happened. We get that reimagination of what that make out session with Cameron would have been like if he had walked in on them in the room.

Then. To really put him in check. She tells him that everything is all the sudden okay. But its not okay. Not even a little bit.

The preview of the season finale teases a fight between the two. Does Ethan kill Cameron? I don’t know. (you can vote in the poll below btw).

But because I think Harper loves Ethan and hates Cameron. This could be some sort of shocking wedding therapy. Maybe the two will leave The White Lotus closer than ever, and his friendship with Cameron will be over.

Just like she planned it. After all. She’s the smartest character on the show.

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