The White Lotus: Fans guess that Ethan won’t kill Cameron

As the season finale of The White Lotus rapidly approaches, the most scandalous storyline involves our two couples. The professional and proper Harper and Ethan, and on the other side, the more “casual” Daphne and Cameron. The two pairs have drank, done drugs, and have participated in at least one act of infidelity.

This has lead Harper to sabotage the friendship between Ethan and Cameron, with her making her husband jealous of his more charismatic and defiant longtime friend. We know this (story HERE).

We also know that once again people will be dying at The White Lotus. The finale teases violence between Ethan and Cameron as jealousy drives the former to the brink of rationality with the latter. We see a struggle in the water. And unlike Daphne and Valentina, we know that neither of the guys (and Harper for that matter) are not safe.

FTR took a poll last night following the controversial episode and the results were clear.

Ethan won’t kill Cameron. That’s what over 200 viewers say.

We should carefully examine that question. Ethan won’t kill Cameron. He could still die. Harper could kill him.

Cameron could kill Ethan. Nothing is out of bounds here.

Or Cameron could skate. He could leave The White Lotus with his rattled wife and head back to living his life the way he’s always lived it. It would be perfectly in line with the lessons the show has taught us so far.

Good guy or bad guy. You don’t always get what you deserve at the White Lotus.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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