Abbott Elementary: Christmas ep proves we don’t need Janine and Gregory together until S4

Last night’s Christmas episode of Abbott Elementary was wonderful, as expected. We had our favorite faculty fully immersed in the holiday spirit. It was solid, from wire to wire, and managed to put a festive spin on its sweetly toned messages.

But of course, social media was talking about Janine and Gregory, who came this close to kissing after the club. Only a text message from Amber was able to delay our happiness.

It did provide some time for thinking though. And maybe we don’t Gregory and Janine together anytime soon.

The show is just about perfect right now. That special moment when Quinta Brunson decides to flip the switch on this slow burning romance will likely be the high point of the entire story. Why rush that? Why should we be in such a hurry to rush the happiness?

Season 4. At the earliest. Why season 4?

Because most shows will eventually become familiar after season 4. I’ve always thought five seasons for a show is good for a drama. A comedy? Then you could push to seven.

History has proven to us that when lovable couples get together, the show shifts a gear slower. The TV “Honeymoon Phase” is a steep drop from that high of reaching the romantic peak of the mountain. Pam and Jim on “The Office”, this shows older cousin, had to lean on other characters after that wedding and then Michael Scott left, and it was never the same. Leslie and Ben on “Parks and Recreation” changed the tone of things. Meredith and Derek becoming too happy made Grey’s Anatomy writers kill off the latter, if you want an ABC example.

I’m having too much fun on this trip so far. Let’s sit back and enjoy the trip.

See you after the break!

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