Quantum Leap: Five leaps we need to see after season 2 renewal

Quantum Leap has been renewed for season 2. Hooray!

Having some certainty with the future of the show lets us push for some episodes or leaps we’d like to see. That’s always been the great thing about the Quantum Leap mythology. The show can be almost anything you want it to be.

Here are some season 2 episodes I’d like to see:

The Sam Beckett Leap: Yeah, we need Scott Bakula. The show has been very respectful to the original show. That’s what convinced me to get on board.

And if you give me a team up episode, I will lose it.

Sam is one of my favorite television protagonists of all time. And Raymond Lee has proven strong enough to keep the story he started going. Let’s get them together for at least for two episodes.

The Addison swap leap: Another nod to the original would be having Ben and Addison swapping for a leap. Ben would be the hologram and Addison would take on the leap mission. She originally was supposed to be the leaper anyways. Caitlin Bassett has also been good here, and I’d like to see her work as intended in the experiment.

A Millennium Leap: One of the coolest things about the reboot is that we can travel ahead of the end of the first series. I’d like to see a Y2K leap with a bunch of pop culture references.

The Dog Leap: Yes, it would be cheap comedy. But I just want to see Addison talking to a Ben voiced over dog for a show.

A Celebrity Leap: Sam leaped into a couple of famous people. I’d like to see Ben do the same. Preferably someone over the last 20 years.

The great news here is that these episodes could actually happen now that season 2 is coming. And it will also make the rest of this season more enjoyable with the reassurance that we’ll see more.

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