WWE: Company wanted Mandy Rose to be sexy and then fired her for it

I don’t want to hear it.

For years, Mandy Rose has made the WWE a fortune off of marketing her attractiveness. Her sex appeal. And now we’re discovering that she’s been fired for posting an adult video on her own content production stream.

It’s like laying off firefighters for fighting fires. It’s disciplining a cat for chasing mice. It’s any kind of metaphor you can think of for coaching someone to be one way and then punishing them for it.

And the irony in all of this was that Mandy Rose turned out to be a pretty good wrestler. If the pandemic hadn’t locked us down, her angle with Sonya, Otis, and Dolph Ziggler would have gotten a huge Wrestlemania pop.

Goodness. How long was she women’s champ on NXT?

This one is a head scratcher. There was a time when wrestlers in the WWE used to pose in Playboy and then market the issue on TV.

My only guess is that Amanda Saccomanno (we might be able to use her real name now) got caught between the regimes at WWE.

Under Vince McMahon, sexiness was not only encouraged but also rumored to be mandatory. He used it as a tool to bring in fans. And it engulfed him in scandal.

Perhaps under this new regime, they decided that they didn’t want to encourage this kind of sexuality. Maybe they want athleticism.

But you can’t slam the breaks on the wrestler who was used as a standard just a few months back, and now send her packing for the very same reasons she exemplified that standard.

Hopefully, this gets fixed and everything works out. I believe both Saccomanno and WWE will be fine. It’s just kind of messed up that it’s come to this.

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