Fire Country: Season 2 renewal sparks a strong return from Winter Break

Hooray for Fire Country season 2 renewal! I goof on this show a lot (and will continue to do so) but the ratings are strong, and its seldom boring, so this is good news.

The return from Winter Break picks up where our “Cliff Faller” ending left us and Bode falling into the water while trying to rescue a victim trapped in a car. We catch up with everyone being deposed by an internal investigation. They made us sweat by not telling us whether Bode lived or not for the first few minutes (even though Max Thieriot is all over this show).

And they amped up the action quickly with crazy Gabriella jumping into the water. This was actually a good thing. While Stephanie Arcila is perfectly fine, the character needed a jolt like this one to get us behind her. She can make us drowsy sometimes.

We also saw some much needed accountability at inmate fire camp. I’ve laughed out loud at how Bode lives a better life at inmate fire camp than most of us do on the outside. He hangs out with his family and friends and even has a girlfriend. They needed to reel things in a little bit.

There were some other things I enjoyed about the return. I liked that Rebecca spilled the beans to Jake, making this love rectangle more interesting. I was ready to pounce on the show again for “fire” missing from “Fire Country” but Manny started one, which kind of just made me shake my head and smile, but I was still entertained.

Real fast. What was that spinning camera view when Sharon and Manny were talking? I appreciate the new approach (especially on often stale CBS dramas) but I got a little dizzy.

But Sharon is my favorite character and the look on Diane Farr’s face when Bode returned also made me smile. She’s the heart of the show.

We’re going to continue to see where Fire Country goes now that we’ve got some time to play with. That means a lot more bad jokes but also some potentially good times too.

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