Alert Missing Persons Unit: Premiere builds a foundation for a special action drama

What is it about a running clock on a FOX action drama that makes everything more exciting?

Alert: Missing Persons Unit premiered over the weekend and the suspense, action, drama, revolving around the well, finding of missing people is off to a pretty fast start. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

TV vets Scott Caan and Dania Ramirez play Jay and Nikki, a recently divorced couple who’s split was caused by the trauma of the abduction of their son, Keith, years ago. They’ve both moved on with their lives but when hope for his discovery along with Nikki’s work at the MPU brings them back together, we get something of both a procedural with individual missing persons cases and an overarching storyline of finding Keith.

Goodness, Dania Ramirez looks like a top flight action star here, and Caan also moves the needle with his likability and excellent timing. Jamie Foxx, is also credited here and everything is off to a great start. The first episode also leaves us in a place where we’re ready to watch the second episode. That doesn’t always happen these days. I’m already invested.

If there is a weakness in Alert, it might be the supporting cast. Things slow down quite a bit when Jay and Nikki aren’t on screen. But it’s early. Let’s see what kind of world building we get here.

The ceiling would be “24” with some more heart.

The floor would be falling into the trap of just another forgettable procedural.

May it be the ceiling. We’ve got some potential here.

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