Quantum Leap: Song’s Anatomy

Yeah buddy. This week, we got some good ole 1994 Seattle grunge vibes. And some creative borrowing from one of the most established medical dramas in television history.

There is no denying that this week’s Quantum Leap episode definitely had some Grey’s Anatomy vibes with Ben leaping into the body of a rookie doctor as she tries to save multiple lives in a mass casualty event in the northwest.

Still, because of some ace acting by Raymond Lee and Caitlin Bassett, and a much needed injection in the present day by Georgina Reilly, “Paging Dr. Song” managed to be a solid and clean viewing leap. This is the kind of episode we used to appreciate from the original. We don’t need a cataclysm in every episode. We just want to root for Ben, have a couple of laughs (“Hey girl, I was hoping you could help me”), a few tears, and leap on.

I enjoyed the dot matrix printer, and the huge mobile phone, but I would have wanted to have played around in the mid 90s for a little more. Still, this was a good time. The breakdown scene got pretty real, and it should be with a protagonist who has to leap to survive.

Let’s explore Janis a little more. I think there is a lot of potential for drama there. It looks like we’re leaping back to the “nuclear age” next week. I’m totally down for that.

See you next leap!

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