How “Quantum Leap” convinced me to give the “Night Court” revival a chance

Its completely understandable if you loathe reboots, revisionings, reimaginings, any of the fancy words for “We can’t think of anything new to do” on TV and the big screen. I’m right there with you.

Most of the time we’re right. I’m just over it.

And I rolled my eyes as I discovered that lazy TV executives have decided to bring back “Night Court”. The show starring Melissa Rauch and John Larroquette will premiere in a couple of weeks. The original was a favorite in my household growing up. It had some of everything. The slapstick stuff from Harry Anderson and Richard Moll was great. Larroquette’s Dan Fielding had some of the best hidden adult jokes out there. And it could still be remarkably poignant when it had to be.

So, why am I giving this reboot a chance when it’s already been done so well?

Because of another reboot of a childhood favorite that has been done (mostly) right. Quantum Leap. Also on NBC.

The network has been very careful to honor the original show, while testing out new things. The time traveling action-drama also gets to play in the modern era, long after the original concluded its run. There is a sensitivity and reverence there that I respect.

And I’m sensing that Rauch (who is also an EP on the show) will do the same. We also can’t ignore that Larroquette belongs in the same conversation as the Ted Dansons and Julia Louis Dreyfus’s (once again, NBC reliables) as actors that are almost automatic in giving us strong television performances.

I might be wrong. And “Night Court” might go on the trash heap with the countless other lazy reboots.

But I’ve also been proven wrong with Quantum Leap over the past few months. Let’s give it a chance.

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