Fire Country: Sorry, Charlie and a really bad house guest

This week, Fire Country both fully embraced its cheesy roots and managed to save a couple of bucks, in a scaled down episode that took place in only two locations and involved some laughably bad writing.

The key accident was a box truck crash, and help me out here. How does dispatch call about the accident before it happens? That wasn’t explained very well, but it made for a peculiar kick off for some goofy story lines.

And we met Cara, another one of Bode’s love interests played by the lovely Sabina Gadecki. And having her visit Sharon only to start dumping on her relationship with her son, demonstrated some audacity. When you line her up next to Gabby, who is in a relationship with another man (more on that in a second) and Rebecca, who is locked up, Max Thieriot has the TV market on flawed romances cornered.

Next we have to talk about Charlie. The show spent the first ten minutes wishing him well before his release. Then what are the writers going to do? Get him pinned under a truck and have the characters take turns telling him their problems. He’s fighting for his life. Do you think he really wants input from Manny, who’s getting calls from debt collectors every five minutes? Is that the kind of advice you want? Freddy was right to go off during the accident. It was a travesty.

But Jake also has a case for a major injustice from this week’s episode. Because an accountant wants to open a bakery and dish out some bad life advice under duress, he loses Gabby. That’s exactly how that *bleep* went down.

Anyways, they got Charlie freed. Cara completed her work as the worst house guest on CBS TV this month by surviving a cardiac event after dissing Sharon’s family. What a mess.

Great comedy here. I loved it.

And I’ll see you next time.

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