Fire Country: Fire Camp Fabio vs. the Biker God of War

What are these feelings I’m feeling?! This doesn’t normally happen when I watch the best good bad show on television right now. But I do believe these are investment emotions I’m experiencing during Fire Country.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve still got plenty to goof about. Honestly, seeing Manny back on his gambling nonsense at the beginning of the episode made me want to see a bookie take out his kidney and give it to Sharon. It looks like we’re getting some redemption, but I almost think there isn’t enough space for a relapse. We’re over it (Kevin Alejandro is crushing it though).

How about that Jake? Eh? It took him less screen time than it takes to walk to your kitchen and get a soda, than it did for him to rebound with Cara. Just wondering. How come Cara (an aspiring ICU nurse) decided to let Jake stick a knife with some whiskey on it, into Dolly’s side instead of herself. I am happy to see that Sabina Gadecki will be sticking around. And bring back Dolly too. Writers were building likability with her.

Owen Fletcher or Odin, was a good nemesis this week. We’ve become accustomed to fire being the enemy in Fire Country, but I enjoyed that show down and fight in the woods to end the story. That was some solid action right there.

Finally, I was happy to see Bode be a match for Sharon to wrap up the show. Diane Farr is this Fire Country’s heart and soul and any decision to kill this character would be catastrophic for any kind of story development moving into season 2. She does a lot of the heavy lifting in the acting department.

Was there any fire in “Fire Country” this week? Yes. And it looked pretty good.

Our “This. Is CBS.” moment: Gabby getting a call from an inmate camp hoping its the love of her life, but it turns out to just be her gambling addict father.

Great show. I’ll see you next time!

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