Alert: “Do not expose my children to Wilson Phillips”

Alert: Missing Persons Unit was back this week with a new episode, and “Andy’s Story” may have been the series’ first miss, with a procedural that didn’t have the same amount of bite as in previous weeks. The show also delved deeper into its spiritual track that has been unproven to provide any dramatic dividends up to this point.

Let’s start with the good though. Scott Caan’s jacket game is still undefeated, as is the work being done by Dania Ramirez’s stunt double. I enjoyed the dialog between Jay and Mike. I had fun as they had their little team up and the cast as a whole continues to build its relationship with the audience.

We do have to talk about the increased role Kemi is taking with the limes and eggs. It still feels very much out of place. Adeola Role is cool and I’m enjoying her work, but its hackers and cameras one minute and bad mojo the next. It’s an uneven experience. Please show us how this is helping.

You do know that Mike was right about that ethical quandary taken at the end. Right? This bullet isn’t a complaint but rather a compliment. Nikki and Jay are far from perfect and its good to have some gray area here.

As for the drama long game, Sidney and Keith are still proving to be interesting. There is apparently a body at the bottom of a lake. If that turns out to be the real Keith, the show’s writers will have to ensure they’re on their game because it will be a dramatic reach on a major plot point.

I’ll see you next time!

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