ESPN: Marcus Spears says Washington Commanders is best landing spot for Aaron Rodgers

On Tuesday morning, Get Up on ESPN was discussing where future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers might play next season. As the you can see from the video below, analyst Domonique Foxworth listed the Tennessee Titans, New York Jets, Las Vegas Raiders, Washington Commanders, and Rodgers’ current home with the Green Bay Packers as the best destinations for the unpredictable play caller.

But Marcus “Swagu” Spears made his case specifically for the Commanders saying…

“It might be the Commanders time. They’re trying to find a quarterback. They got a really good defense. They got really good weapons on the outside. Terry McLaurin is a very underrated guy that we don’t talk about much because they don’t win a lot of games. Aaron Rodgers will have his weapons. He’ll have his backfield. He would be under new ownership that would probably be willing to pay him some money. And another thing is this. He would play in the NFC East. We’ve already had three teams in the playoffs. Why not four?”

The Packers just missed the playoff this season, falling to the Detroit Lions in the finale. Also up for discussion is the future of Green Bay back-up Jordan Love, who was drafted to be the heir apparent for Rodgers.

You can watch the segment below.

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