“Extraordinary” series is a quirky and fun take on a tired super powers formula

You know, I had to take extra care when coming up with the title of this post. This is because yes, “Extraordinary” does deal with superpowers and to a lesser extent, superheroes, but it’s not your typical Avengers or Justice League affair. Not really. But it is still an awful lot of fun to watch.

In the world of Extraordinary, everyone gets some kind of power after their 18th birthday. The usual super strength and flying stuff is there, but there is also the ability to cause someone to orgasm to touch and to print 3D objects from your rear. The show stars Mairead Tyers as Jen Regen and our protagonist is in her mid 20s and still hasn’t gotten her powers yet. That’s where our quest begins.

But this isn’t Encanto or Sky High. Kids shouldn’t be near this show. But it is a fun, adult oriented, version of what super powers would be like in the real world. Think of it more like “New Girl” meets “The Boys” and I think you’ll land on what this show really is. Its funny, unpredictable, and proves that we haven’t exhausted the superhero genre in its entirety quite yet.

Not all of the jokes land, and there is some scratching to find some stuff for our characters to do, but “Extraordinary” never bores its audience despite some predictability coming into play. I’m happy I watched it and I think you will be too.

And if you’re looking for something with superhero heart that doesn’t involve the survival of our very existence at 30 minutes a pop, then you’ll be just fine here.

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