Fire Country: AFC Championship lead-in will try to get hit show in front of even more eyeballs

Despite my constant goofing on the program, Fire Country, is an undeniable hit. The CBS action drama starring Max Thieriot is also hitting its stride dramatically as the most likable person on the show, Sharon (played by the lovely Diane Farr) will likely have to take a kidney from her son, Bode, to survive.

There will not be a new Fire Country on Friday night this week.

That’s because we’re getting a new episode of the show on Sunday. Following the NFL AFC Championship on CBS.

Plugging shows in after big NFL games isn’t just for the SuperBowl anymore (where programs like Grey’s Anatomy and The Office both jumped into lightspeed in popularity) but also for the playoff games as well.

“Accused” which aired on FOX following their playoff game last weekend popped a big number and CBS overruns always score big during NFL weekends regardless of what the afternoon game is. The strategy works.

It also helps that the other guys have basically surrendered Sunday nights to NFL Football. The other networks will all be rolling out repeats on Sunday night.

Fire Country will have the free television audience all to themselves.

On cable, HBO will air a new installment of their hit show “The Last of Us” but that’s nothing out of the ordinary. They went head to head against the Superbowl with Euphoria. They don’t care. The show will be over by the time Fire Country starts anyways.

Its a tremendous opportunity for a new show. A trend which I wish more networks would try. Let’s see how Fire Country does.

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